We base our business on the production of quality products, with affordable prices with a high level of business towards customers, employees, suppliers and other business partners.


Biomass and building material
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All types of firewood.

Building material

Wooden beam for your home.

Certified materials

We are proud owners of FSC® certificates.

Care for clients

Above all, we care about the satisfaction of our customers.

Why choose us?

Let’s take a look at some of the features we’ve developed over the years

Efficient service

Being efficient in business today is crucial. We strive to provide our clients with a service when they really need it and not when it suits us.

Service staff

Our employees understand the importance of quality business and interpersonal relationships.

Quality offer

We have provided the best product quality for all our clients. Your satisfaction is our greatest success.

Wide availability

We are available throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and in many European countries.

Successful projects
And more satisfied customers
Happy faces
Planted trees

What our clients say about us?

Some of our clients wanted to give a review of our long-term cooperation

Woody testimonials
I am extremely pleased with our cooperation. At first I was skeptical because I know neither the country nor the people, but the people from Woody convinced me with their service and the quality of their products. All recommendations
Woody testimonials
Ever since I found out about Woody I only use their products when it comes to wood. They have a great offer of firewood and great packaging, so it suits me since I live in a building. I will not change them.
(Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Woody testimonials
I have been using the products of this company for 3 years, which are available on our market, and it is not enough to say that I am more than satisfied. The price is more than affordable and the quality is exceptional.
Woody testimonials
A couple of years ago I was working on a roof and inquiring about quality wood construction and that’s when I heard about Woody. The guys who work there are great and the roof is still like new.
(Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Some of the frequently asked questions

We often have inquiries regarding the certification of our products and how much we care about the environment.

We as a company have based our sales on foreign markets, such as: Italy, Slovenia, Germany and many other EU countries. Because we believe that these markets are more demanding and require us to bring our products to the peak of quality. Since we are young, we want knowledge, proof and competition in the field of our business. Our current customers from EU countries are very satisfied with our products, as evidenced by the growing number of orders for our products from year to year. Also, they are always interested in the new products we have to offer. The goal of our business is to develop production and expand the product range to meet the overall demand of our customers / clients.

FSC® is dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide.

We have a strong awareness of our environment and the ecology of our country. We regularly deal with the suspicion of cut forests and as such we can boast that we are one of the leading companies in the region. Also, our production is organized to minimize damage to the environment.

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Woody d.o.o. is synonymous with quality

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