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Firewood in a pallet

Ideal for those with slightly more storage space.

Ogrijevno drvo u paleti
Firewood in a mesh bag

Ideal for camping and going out in nature.

Firewood in a crate

If it suits you better, we have wood stored in suitable boxes for you.

Ogrijevno drvo u gajbici
Firewood in a box

If it suits you better, we have wood stored in suitable boxes for you.

Ogrijevno drvo u kutiji
Tinder in a mesh bag

If you need a slightly larger amount of fire, we have the ideal solution for you.

Potpala u mrežastoj vrećici
Tinder in the crate

Not to worry if you have enough dry wood to set fire to when camping.

Potpala u gajbici
Tinder in the box

You no longer have to worry about how to light a fire. We think of you.

Potpala u kutiji

High quality oven briquettes.


Extremely affordable and quality pellets. There is no winter with Woody.




Wide selection of fossils for construction works.

Fossil - Woody

We offer a wide selection of beams. We have all the dimensions you need.

Fossil - Woody

Starting a project from your hobby, making a boat, covering the roof or something third, you will need quality planks. We have everything you might need.

Board - Woody

The main feature of the slats is that they are straight. Our slats are like arrows. Made of quality wood and ready for your roof or project as desired.

Lath - Woody
Wooden beam cabin
Building material
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Planted trees

What our clients say about us

Some of our clients wanted to give a review of our long-term cooperation

Woody testimonials
I am extremely pleased with our cooperation. At first I was skeptical because I know neither the country nor the people, but the people from Woody convinced me with their service and the quality of their products. All recommendations
Woody testimonials
Ever since I found out about Woody I only use their products when it comes to wood. They have a great offer of firewood and great packaging, so it suits me since I live in a building. I will not change them.
(Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Woody testimonials
I have been using the products of this company for 3 years, which are available on our market, and it is not enough to say that I am more than satisfied. The price is more than affordable and the quality is exceptional.
Woody testimonials
A couple of years ago I was working on a roof and inquiring about quality wood construction and that’s when I heard about Woody. The guys who work there are great and the roof is still like new.
(Bosnia and Herzegovina)